Tranquility and Beauty : PJ5833

Tranquility and Beauty : PJ5833

Price: $2,495

Medium: Framed Giclee Print on Canvas 60mm Deep Black Gap Frame
Size: 200x150xm
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Artist: Paitoon Jumee

Paitoon’s bold female portraits are highly sought after by collectors all over the world. Tusk Gallery has been exhibiting the artwork of Paitoon Jumee for around 10 years. Recently Paitoon has graciously agreed to do a series of giclee prints to make his work more accessible to his admirers.
Paitoon’s portraits are a mix of beauty and deconstruction – highlighting the delicate features of the female face including the neck, eyes, and jawline. His pieces successfully represent elements of traditional Thai aesthetics whilst also maintaining a fundamentally contemporary feel that appeals to viewers all over the globe.
Education: Art Studies, Thai Vijitsil Art School 1993-96; Pohchang Art University 1996-98.

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