About our new Online Art Gallery……

About our new Online Art Gallery……

We’ve only got so many walls in our Gallery so unfortunately we cannot exhibit all of the fabulous artworks that are created by our artists. This new online gallery will hopefully become a vehicle for the artists to also make available pieces that they have in their studios.

Bear with us as we go through our growing pains during the creation and launch of the website. We’ll be tweeking and changing things as we go. There are so many artists who present their work to us that we cannot exhibit.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the site and hopefully finding artworks that you love.

As time goes on we’ll be adding more and more art so you’ll have an incredibly diverse range of art, photography and sculpture to choose from.

The way it works is that the artists upload any pieces that they want to sell and when you go to the checkout it will also calculate freight to get the artwork to you. The artwork will be shipped from the artist’s studio to you.

We’ll be happy to do simulations for you so you can see what the piece will look like in your own space. All you will need to do is to send us a decent photograph of your space and let us know the height of the wall. For now send photos to art@tuskgallery.com.au.

We hope you enjoy the artworks we present on the site.

Gary Collier

“At The Beach” by Kitti Narod 140x100cm Acrylic on Canvas

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